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20:06, September 2, 2020 Daredevil (TV series) logo.jpg (file) 6 KB Johnrdorazio   1
14:52, August 30, 2020 First Single Volume Edition of The Lord of the Rings.gif (file) 80 KB Johnrdorazio {{Non-free use rationale book cover |Source = Original scan of the cover of the first single volume edition of The Lord of the Rings. |Date = 1968 |Author = J. R. R. Tolkien |Cover_artist = Pauline Baynes |Article = The Lord of the Rings |Use = Infobox |Other information = First published in 1968 by George Allen and Unwin, London, for worldwide sale, excepting the United States. The copyright is believed to be owned by current publisher, HarperCollins.<br />Use of the book cover in th... 1
22:22, September 13, 2020 Fringe intertitle.png (file) 109 KB Johnrdorazio   1
17:31, September 12, 2021 The-100-stagione-6-recensione-6.png (file) 299 KB Johnrdorazio   1