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|MATT|What if you could've stopped him from ever hurting anyone again?
|MATT|What if you could've stopped him from ever hurting anyone again?
|FATHER|Stopped him how?
|FATHER|Stopped him how?
== Season 2 Episode 4 "Penny and Dime" ==
=== Scene Script ===
|FrLantom=[[wikipedia:List_of_Daredevil_characters#Father_Paul_Lantom:Father Lantom]]
|Matt| It was a nice sermon.
|FrLantom| Thank you.
|Matt| Most priests would have found something kind to say about the man himself, but...
|FrLantom| I said he came to church. Nothing shines up a halo faster than a death, Matthew. But funerals are for the living... and revising history... only dilutes the lessons we should learn from it.
|Matt| It wasn't my fault.
|FrLantom| What wasn't?
|Matt| Grotto's death.
|FrLantom| No one said it was.
|Matt| Yeah. There's a new man in town, he's, uh... killing people in cold blood.
|FrLantom| Yeah, I read about what happened with the Irish. Must have been a... busy couple nights.
|Matt| Yeah, I did everything I could to... uh, protect my client.
|FrLantom| That work is done, Matthew.
|Matt| Because I failed.
|FrLantom| At least you tried.
|Matt| Well, like you said, his life had value. A whole world's been lost and others are dying one after the other...
|FrLantom| Matthew, what are you looking for?
|Matt| Forgiveness.
|FrLantom| For what?
|Matt| Uh... not doing more?
|FrLantom| You just said you did everything you could. If you're the man I understand you to be, I'm sure that's true.
|Matt| Then why do I still feel guilty?
|FrLantom| Guilt can be a good thing. It's the soul's call to action. The indication that... something is wrong. The only way... to rid your heart of it... is to correct your mistakes and keep going... until amends are made. I don't know what you didn't do or what you should have done... but the guilt... the guilt... means your work is not yet finished.
|Matt| Thank you.