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Template for linking to standardised Wikisource texts.


|source= the source text (must be defined, or the template will generate an error)
|version= version of the source text (needed for correct linking if Wikisource hosts more than one version of a text, for example, Bible translations)
|book= the book of the source text (optional, use if chapters or books are defined as subpages)
|chapter= the chapter of the book of the source text (chapter/anchor of the book)
|verse= the verse of the chapter of the book of the source text (verse of the book)
|range= specific verse range (optional range, will not link to these verses, will only display); use the character "–" (&ndash;).
|nobook= if defined, will not display a book name
|showsource= if defined, will display the title of the source text


  • Code: {{Sourcetext|source=Bible|version=King James|book=1 Samuel|chapter=1|verse=10|range=, 18}}, {{Sourcetext|source=Bible|version=King James|book=1 Samuel|chapter=3|verse=11|range=–21|nobook=}}
  • Code: {{Sourcetext|source=Bible|version=King James|book=Esther|chapter=4|verse=6|range=–10}}