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This is the documentation page for Module:Television infoboxes disambiguation check

Module:Television infoboxes disambiguation check handles the validation of disambiguation of pages using a television-related infobox. Currently Module:Infobox television disambiguation check and Module:Infobox television season disambiguation check are setup to work with it.


local validateDisambiguation = require('Module:Television infoboxes disambiguation check')
local trackingCategory, debugString = validateDisambiguation.main(title, validDisambiguationTypeList, validDisambiguationPatternList, exceptionList, otherInfoboxList)

Parameter list

Parameter Explanation Status
title The page's title. required
validDisambiguationTypeList An array of valid disambiguation types. required
validDisambiguationPatternList An array of DisambiguationPattern. required
exceptionList An array of page names that should not be validated; If there are none, pass an empty array. required
otherInfoboxList An array of key/value pairs of the type the disambiguation to check for (key) and the tracking category to add it to (value). required