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Given appropriate identifiers, generates super-scripted characters that link to an author's record in various databases. Link to the ORCID, ResearcherID, Scopus, VIAF, Google Scholar, and Wikidata databases using (respectively) the 'o', 'r', 's', 'v', 'g', and 'd' named parameters. Example:

  • [[Josiah Carberry]]{{Authorid|o= 0000-0002-0036-9460|s= 7007156898}} generates: Josiah Carberryos.

Will generate a wiki-linked asterisk (use in place of |author-link=) using an unnamed parameter:

  • Josiah Carberry{{Authorid|Josiah Carberry|d=Q24090725}} generates: Josiah Carberry*.
Parameter (and
link letter):
Links to: Sample identifier:
    o ORCID 0000-0002-0036-9460
    r ResearcherID I-6013-2012
    s Scopus 7007156898
    v VIAF 75121530
    g Google Scholar qc6CJjYAAAAj
    d Wikidata item Q24090725
    * Wiki-link Josiah Carberry

Intended for use with citation templates, and designed to be minimally intrusive. E.g.:

  • Carberry, Josiahos; Bourbaki, Nicolasv (2004), Mythical Maths {{citation}}: External link in |first1= and |first2= (help).

But currently must be appended to the |firstN= or |authorN= parameter, which will break |author-link=.

Authorid will write the name of the subject author if supplied in the |a= parameter:

  •  Carberry*do

Possible use is following a citation template to provide various author id links.