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{{Infobox artist discography}} is the standard infobox for discography articles, and is within the purview of WikiProject Albums. Please discuss major changes on the talk page before making them.

This template is designed for use in discography articles within Category:Discographies. It displays the number of studio albums, live albums, compilation albums, singles, video releases, EPs, etc., by an artist or group.


This template should be placed in an article at the top of the page, before the introduction.

Basic usage

Powderfinger discography
Photograph of band playing
Powderfinger performing live
Studio albums6
Live albums2
Compilation albums1
Video albums3
Music videos18
Soundtrack albums5
Tribute albums2
{{Infobox artist discography
| Artist       = [[Powderfinger]]
| Image        = Powderfinger performing September 2007 (b).jpg
| Caption      = Powderfinger performing live
| Alt          = Photograph of band playing
| Studio       = 6
| Live         = 2
| Compilation  = 1
| Video        = 3
| Music videos = 18
| Tribute      = 2
| EP           = 4
| Singles      = 22
| B-sides      = 15
| Soundtrack   = 5

Example:(see result on right)


{{Infobox artist discography
| Artist          = 
| Image           = 
| Caption         = 
| Alt             = 
| Studio          = 
| Live            = 
| Compilation     = 
| Internet        = 
| Video           = 
| Music videos    = 
| EP              = 
| Singles         = 
| B-sides         = 
| Soundtrack      = 
| Tribute         = 


When using the template, it is not necessary to delete any fields that are not being used. Most fields are optional; if no data is supplied, the row will simply not appear once the page is saved.


The name of the group or artist ("the act") in plain text only. Logos and other graphics are to be avoided in this field in accordance with WP:ACCESS and WP:FAIR. Use an internal link or piped internal link to the main article about the artist. For help with internal links, see the Editing FAQ. This field is mandatory.


An image of the act, sufficiently clear for display at 200 pixels' width. Set to only the image name, e.g. Example.png, not Image:Example.png or [[Image:Example.png|200px|abc]]. Images used should ideally be free images; that is, not subject to copyright restrictions. If no free image is available it may be possible to use a non-free image under a claim of fair use, provided the image meets Wikipedia's non-free content criteria (for more information see WP:NFCC and WP:NFC).


Alt text for the image, as per WP:ALT. This is for describing the image to people who cannot see the image, and typically should not be the same as the caption.


Caption for the image to be displayed. Do not link years in the caption e.g. do not link [[2007]].

Types of releases

There are individual fields for the various types of releases (studio, live, compilation, video, music videos, tribute, EP, singles, b-sides, and soundtrack). In each field place the number of each type that the artist has released. Use only numeric values in these fields. For other types of releases, see "Advanced usage" below.

Advanced usage

Optional labels

Please use these functions sparingly.

As not all musical artists are the same, some will have the need to have different labels for their discography, such as a collaboration or unreleased songs. To list these options, use |Option= and |Option name= and up to three additional options, as in the example below.

Fall Out Boy discography
Photograph of band playing
Fall Out Boy, 2007
Studio albums5
Live albums2
Compilation albums2
Internet albums7
Video albums7
Music videos12
Soundtrack albums1
Tribute albums1
Side projects5
Sample contributions11

Example:(see result on right)

{{Infobox artist discography
| Artist          = [[Fall Out Boy]]
| Image           = Fall Out Boy-Rock im Park 2014- by 2eight DSC8554.jpg
| Caption         = Fall Out Boy, 2007
| Alt             = Photograph of band playing
| Studio          = 5
| Live            = 2
| Compilation     = 2
| Internet        = 7
| Video           = 7
| Music videos    = 12
| EP              = 5
| Singles         = 27
| B-sides         = 15
| Soundtrack      = 1
| Tribute         = 1
| Option name     = Side projects
| Option          = 5
| 1Option name    = Demos
| 1Option         = 3
| 2Option name    = Mash-ups
| 2Option         = 2
| 3Option name    = Sample contributions
| 3Option         = 11

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