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First holder{{{first_holder}}}
Last holder{{{last_holder}}}
Present holder{{{present_holder}}}
Heir apparent{{{heir_apparent}}}
Heir presumptive{{{heir_presumptive}}}
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The box is generally used for descriptions of hereditary Peerages of the United Kingdom or baronetcies (do not combine peerages and baronetcies into one infobox, even if held together.)

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields.

Blank template with all parameters

{{Infobox hereditary title
| name              = 
| image             = <!--[[File:Coronet of a British Earl.svg|150px]]<br/>[[File:ExampleCoatofArms.svg|180px]]  -->
| image_size        = 
| alt               = 
| caption           = 
| creation_date     = <!-- {{date|1 Aug 2007|dmy}} -->
| creation          = 
| monarch           = 
| peerage           = 
| baronetage        = 
| first_holder      = 
| last_holder       = 
| present_holder    = 
| heir_apparent     = 
| heir_presumptive  = 
| remainder_to      = 
| subsidiary_titles = <!-- a baronetage is not a subsidiary title -->
| status            = <!-- Extant, extinct, dormant, abeyant --> 
| extinction_date   =  <!-- {{date|1 Aug 2007|dmy}} -->
| family_seat       = 
| former_seat       = 
| motto             = <!-- Non-English goes in ''italics'', followed by translation -->
| arms              = 
| crest             = 
| supporters        = 
| pinsel            = 
| badge             = 
| crest_badge       = 
| plant_badge       = 
| footnotes         =


Parameter Explanation
name The name of the peerage itself, not a person name (e.g. Dukedom, Marquessate, Earldom, Viscountcy, Baronetcy and Barony)
image Use the current coat of arms of the title. Use [[File:Example.svg|220px]] format.
caption The blazon of the shield (not the entire coat of arms). For large image with full blazon, use {{Infobox emblem wide}} down the page instead.
creation date The date the title was created.
monarch The monarch that first granted the title.
peerage The peerage to which the title belongs, e.g. Peerage of Scotland, Peerage of England etc.
first holder The name of the first holder of the title.
last holder The last person to hold the title if the title is now extinct or dormant.
present holder The current holder of the title if the title is still extant.
heir apparent The heir apparent to the title.
heir presumptive The heir presumptive to the title.
remainder to The standard remainder is heirs male of the body (lawfully begotten), the latter part, lawfully begotten, is optional and increasingly dropped.
subsidiary titles Any subsidiary titles associated with the title.
extinction date Date the title became extinct, usually date of death of the last holder.
family seat Traditional family seat (castles or manors, etc.)
former seat Former seat(s)
motto Armorial motto of the family
arms The blazon of the shield (not the entire coat of arms). For full blazon, use {{Infobox emblem wide}} down the page instead.
crest Crest
supporters armorial supporters
footnotes Brief relevant notes relating to the title.


Dukedom of Marlborough

MonarchAnne of England
PeeragePeerage of England
First holderJohn Churchill
Present holderCharles James Spencer-Churchill, 12th Duke
Heir apparentGeorge Spencer-Churchill, Marquess of Blandford
Remainder tospecial case (Semi-Salic)
Subsidiary titlesMarquess of Blandford
Earl of Sunderland (from 1733)
Earl of Marlborough
Baron Spencer (from 1733)
Baron Churchill (from 1815)
Baron Churchill of Sandridge
Lord Churchill (1682–1722)
Seat(s)Blenheim Palace
MottoFiel pero desdichado ("Faithful though unfortunate")

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