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Has been applied to many different pages. Please be aware that any changes that you make could have a wide reaching impact and as such should be discussed on the talk page so as to ensure that a consensus may be reached.

Be sure that there are objective and academic references in the article body for all claims made in this infobox.


Copy the code shown below, and paste it into the article you would like the above Infobox to appear in.

[[File:{{{image}}}|{{{image size}}}|center|alt={{{alt}}}|{{{alt}}}]]
Sub grouping{{{Sub_Grouping}}}
Other name(s){{{AKA}}}
{{Infobox mythical creature
|name          = Name of creature
|AKA           = Other names used to explicitly refer to the same creature
|image         = Image filename
|image_size    = Image size in pixels
|caption       = Image description
|Folklore     = Folklore genre (legend, myth, recipe, charm, etc.—please note that these are not synonyms)
|Grouping      = A generic category (e.g. [[Monster]])
|Sub_Grouping  = A broader generic category, if applicable
|Family       = Attested family members, if applicable
|Country       = Country of origin, if applicable
|Region        = Region of origin
|Details       = Any additional details
|First_Attested = First attestation (in other words, source)
|Similar_entities = Entities described as similar

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