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I am a priest in the diocese of Rome, Italy.

I have served as pastoral assistant in a few roman parishes:

  • Martiri dell'Uganda parish
  • Santa Galla parish
  • San Lino parish

I have also served as university chaplain at Roma Tre University.

Currently I am serving at the Diocesan Pilgrimage Office.

I have always enjoyed programming and web development, and I have become fairly well versed in PHP, Javascript, Java, VB.NET with a little bit of C++. I enjoy electronics, and science in general, and would like to put these talents at the service of the Church.

So I have created the BibleGet Project.

I have created a Liturgical Calendar calculator.

I curate a few websites.

And now, I would like to create this encyclopedia about the influence of the Gospel and of the Word of God on human culture.

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